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Machining centres that give you unbeatable flexibility.

Especially for complex components with challenging geometries, 5-axis machining has considerable advantages in terms of time and precision. This feature is included in many of our machining centres: Three of the axes are in the tool, two of them in the swivelling rotary table. Included in the range: both complex milling process as well as milling and turning simultaneously. The combination of the integrated swivelling axis with the rotary axis and high-performance torque motors makes this possible. And thanks to these innovations, HERMLE's machining centres are second to none in terms of agility!

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for a HERMLE

5-axis benchmark

Over 20 years ago we showed the world how 5-axis milling works – and since then we have built up a huge amount of competence and experience. We have covered countless applications, refined the details and continuously improved the machines. We maintain our technological lead – now and in the future!


The five-axis method is predestined for use in combination with MT technology. This allows for milling and turning at the same time, even when the table is swivelled. The integrated balancing system takes account of any inertia issues and ensures that all processes function reliably. HERMLE MT technology saves time-consuming retooling – and indeed the need to move components onto another machine.


A brief skateboarding glossary

Deck: The actual board of the skateboard
To Grind: Sliding over edges in one or two axes
Ollie: Taking to the air by shifting weight and treading
Ramp: Generic term for all skateboard constructions such as halfpipes
360 (three-sixty): A complete revolution in the air as part of a trick

We can also provide competent advice when it comes to more peripheral subjects like selecting the right clamping device, tools and materials. Together we can work out the best milling strategy, taking CAD programming and automation options into account. Our project support is a comprehensive package spanning initial discussions, the path to series production and then the finished product.


Jens Müller


"We set the 5-axis benchmark because we were there right from the start. But also because we have been developing the technology ever since then as well. Would you like to know more about the potential in this area? I should be glad to give you some insider perspectives on the challenges that we have set ourselves here."

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